This job’s too hard!

It’s Sunday afternoon. I’ve done the requisite barest minimum amount of housework (i.e. feel free to eat your dinner off the floor, but don’t blame me if you catch something) and I’m Working on My Blog. This is capitalised because it just strikes me as one of those Herculean tasks I know needs doing, but I put off because even Hercules would get his arse out about making WordPress work…

This wretched site has actually been live (but hidden) for the last 2 years, but has never really worked properly, with posts disappearing, links going nowhere and me sitting in front of it, moving the mouse around desultorily before slamming the laptop shut and going off for a sulk.

So, now The Chap (who, typically, speaks Tech/ Geek/ Pooter) has has intervened and fixed it for me (don’t ask me how, it’s all Dark Arts to me- there was even chanting)! I actually have something I can work with, and I’ve even got Twitter hooked up to it! ( I think, I hope- I did that bit myself, so if it’s not working, tell me).

There are a bunch of (old) blog posts stored on here, and I’ll probably chuck a couple of short stories on here if I can’t find a publisher for them, so pop in and have a look.

So, here we are, I’m starting to act like a Proper Writer. Next up, those little business cards that every other writer seems to have on them. Oh, plus writing! I should be doing that too…. Damn!

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